2012 Election: 3 Reasons Why the Voting Age Should be Lowered to 15

Funny ballot picture.As part of the media in the U.S., here at High School Humor Blog we feel that it is our duty to throw out some election predictions:

  • Ohio goes to Bob “Robert” Bobson, the T.V. repairman, because he did a wonderful job fixing all of the Ohio TVs that bore the brunt of citizens’ anger at having to see yet another political attack advertisement.
  • Florida goes to an unnamed crocodile who successfully executed a state-wide voter intimidation scheme.
  • North Carolina goes to South Carolina in the elected merger after voters reveal that they are sick of having two different Carolinas.

Okay, now maybe that wasn’t all true. Florida may not have gone to a crocodile; I heard that a 15-foot anaconda was also planning some sort of shady election bid. And sure, in addition to Bob “Robert” Bobson, there were also some other, less famous names on some of the ballots, like Barack “Hussein” Obama and Mitt “Mitt” Romney, whoever they are.

My guess is, though, that you don’t really care. And why don’t you care? Because you can’t vote.

That means your opinion actually matters less than the opinion of someone like Lindsay Lohan, simply because you are supposedly too young. As soon as we compare things like the total number of DUI’s amongst all adults to the total number of DUI’s amongst all 15-18 year olds, I think it is clear who the more sensible group is.

Really, why can’t you vote? It would vastly improve our election process. The vote should be lowered from 18 to 15; any lower and you suddenly have junior high school voters, which is something that no country can handle.

The Teen Brain

The teen brain has been studied by thousands of scientists. None of those scientists, however, were teens. As a result, almost every single study has concluded that the teen brain is irrational, impulsive, and not fully developed.

Well, I’ve got some news for you: the real deal is that the teen brain is so much more advanced when compared to an adult brain that the scientists simply can’t understand it. Why else would teens have such better tastes in music? Thus, you want the citizens with the most advanced brains voting in the election.

Furthermore, by allowing teens to participate in elections, the US would give itself a scapegoat. It’s not the people’s fault that people like Anthony Weiner get elected; it’s just the teens’ fault.

The Teen Abilities

In addition to having a more advanced brain than adults, teens also have some very helpful skills when it comes to elections. The first of those is our frequently practiced bubbling ability. Thanks to our test schedule, we are incredible at filling in bubbles.

That means that votes would be easier to count and there would be fewer mistakes. Obviously, no computer will ever misread a bubble filled in by a teen. On the down side, however, it probably also means that whichever candidate is listed in ballot spot “C” will get the most votes regardless.

Another teen skill that is lacking in our elections is our ability to sum up coolness and popularity. Let’s face it: many of our current leaders are simply uncool. The only way adults have of assessing coolness, with their underdeveloped brains, is by comparing hairstyles. Teens, meanwhile, could compare things such as clothes and hairstyles.

The Teen Election Participation

Finally, allowing teens to vote would revolutionize our election participation. First of all, this would solve the annoying problem of attack advertisements run by candidates. We don’t watch TV, instead using things like the Internet, DVR, Netflix, or another brain-melting—-I mean, brain developing-—mechanism of choice. So, there would be no reason to run attack ads, because no teen would ever see them.

Additionally, teens should logically be allowed participation in elections because the issues apply to us. We’re the ones who are going to be paying for the $800 billion million trillion zillion thousand quadrillion debt that the voters are racking up. That sort of debt makes the credit card bill of a teen girl after she’s finished clothes shopping look stellar.

Our election process works, but it’s far from perfect. If teens could vote, however, many of the US’s problems would either get solved or get so bad that the country would shut down. That’s a good thing, because countrywide shut down means plummeting gum prices.

With that, we’ll end this post right where it began: with a prediction. We at High School Humor Blog predict that by the 2016 elections, some teens are allowed to vote. Even if that includes only the 18+ year olds.

As was mentioned early on in this post, you probably didn’t get too concerned about the elections, although you may be concerned with the upcoming date of 11-11. In that case, you’re going to want “11 Things to do on 11-11-11,” which still applies to (only) 11-11-12.

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  1. Really good blog. It gives good information about Election process which is very helpful.

  2. Hi admin
    I am okay with current age i.e. 18. At this age people can select a right candidate. At the age of 15 boys/girls are not enough mature. They can’t make good decision. Some person can change their decision easily or moderate their decision.

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