5 Ways to Embellish a Project

An example of a perfect projectDo you every have lower-back pain for days at a time? Do you ever experience severe cramps in the abdominal area? Do you ever think High School Humor Blog is the best blog ever? Do you ever want to turn in something more exciting than your typical, boring school projects? If you answered yes to either of the first two questions, contact your doctor. If you answered yes to either of the last two questions, read the rest of this post.

Throughout the year, we high schoolers turn in many deeply philosophical homework assignments and projects. While the scholarly level of these pieces is always at a high level, there is one aspect that could use improvement: the presentation. However, I have created five fantastic methods of embellishing your project. Not only will you have a higher sense of self-satisfaction in your work, but teachers will be so amazed by the presentation that they have no choice but to give you an A!

1). Spruce it up…with WordArt!

WordArt – if used correctly, this tool can be a key asset for your academic success. A typical student would use WordArt on, perhaps, the title page of a project. The problem here is that the rest of the project is left bland and boring. Therefore, my first method of project embellishment is to choose a few words throughout your project. Then, use WordArt on that word every time! For example, maybe you’re writing an essay on the post-colonialism issues of Africa. Choose good words, like corruption and Gaddafi. Next, embellish those words with bright, vibrant colors and cool three-dimensional features. Now you’ve got the best project in the class.

2). Stapling Spree!

It is human instinct to be attracted to shiny metal things, and there is a great opportunity to integrate those into your school projects: staples. But one staple in the top-left corner is sooo boring. Instead, do better and staple all four corners! Although this embellishment method may create some issues in terms of turning pages, no worries! Your teacher will be so mesmerized by the four shiny staples that they must assume the rest of the project is just as good.

3). Set it on fire!

Throughout, elementary school, middle school, and high school, teachers have the habit of assigning projects about the medieval times. Usually, the directions are along the lines of, “Create a ‘Medieval Diary’ from a serf’s standpoint. Be creative in presentation of the project.” Apparently, some English king during the middle ages read Fahrenheit 451 and got ideas, so every student decides to singe the edges of their ‘Medieval Diary’ to make it look authentic. But, in my opinion, this method can be applied to any other type of project – for example, your 91-page dissertation about the neurological effects of cheese. When you’re done, just light it on fire. But for authenticity purpose, let the whole thing burn. Then, turn it in and your teacher is sure to love it!

4). Your own art form!

Paintings, sketches, and drawings are too mainstream, so why not create your own art form. I suggest do something really unique, like taping hundred dollar bills throughout your project. For some reason, teachers love creative art forms like this, and tend to give those projects A+s.

5). An Awesome Pseudonym!

It’s official; your name is way too boring. It is so boring, that it hurts to put it on the first page of your important project. Solution: think of a pseudonym. For example, say you’re writing a paper about the human effects on global climate. Instead of writing at the bottom, “By: Boring Name,” think of a random, made-up name like Al Gore. Because the truth is, your name is just inconvenient, but a silly name like Al Gore is sure too embellish your project and get you the best grade possible.

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