The Best Excuses for Being Late to Class

A very, very, very long time ago (like, before you were probably even born), we published a post called “The Best Homework Excuses” (circa February 2011).

Since most teens complete their homework at warp speeds (with correct answers), it’s not uncommon for the homework to spontaneously catch fire and burn up. Thus, you need an excuse, or reason, why you don’t have your homework, making that post one of our most popular posts ever.

It occurred to me, though, that we’ve totally forgotten to give you good excuses for being late to class. I mean, that’s another problem teens face: we’re usually so wrapped up during passing time with helping other students find their own classes, polishing lockers, and meticulously picking crumbs up off the hall floor that we sometimes lose track of time. This means we’re late to class, but our teachers won’t believe those stories.

So, in an effort to make your life easier, and your excuses more believable, I give you the best excuses for being late to class.

First, you need to know what some of the common and over-used excuses are, so you can avoid them. They include:

  • I was in the bathroom
  • I tripped going up the stairs (sorry)
  • I fell going down the stairs and had to pick up my stuff
  • I bumped into somebody else and dropped everything
  • I tripped on the carpet and fell on my face
  • I was talking to another teacher about a grade
  • I forgot my textbook so I went back and got it
  • I was getting a drink

I’m sure you’ve heard all of those before. Most people have. Consequently, they don’t usually work, unless you are a really good actor or have some major bruises on your face from falling.

No, instead I recommend that you resort to some of these fresh, new, updated excuses:

  • I tripped as I was using the bathroom
  • I fell down while getting a drink and hit my head on the water fountain, knocking me unconscious for exactly two minutes
  • I forgot my face so I went back and got it (sorry)
  • I bumped into my textbook and dropped everything
  • I was talking to the stairs about a grade
  • I tripped over another teacher and had to pick up all 72 sharpened pencils they were carrying

But let’s say that you’re really late. By really late, I mean weeks, maybe even months late to class. School might be out. It might be dark outside. The teacher may be leaving for the night, furious that you haven’t yet shown up for class. In that case, you need to resort to your one-time-use-only, guaranteed-to-work, best excuse for being late to class:

I was getting a drink when another teacher body-slammed me, making me fall down two flights of stairs. At the bottom, I rolled into the bathroom, which I needed to use anyways, but then I realized that I’d forgotten to bring a toilet. I was going back to get it when the carpet grabbed me to talk about a grade (sorry). At this point I was running because I was pretty late, and I tripped seventeen times trying to go back up the stairs. Eventually I just had to crawl up them. Sorry I’m late.

I know, I know; they’re all brilliant. Don’t waste time thanking me, though. I’d hate for you to be late to class.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to leave now (on Sunday) so I am only a few minutes late. I think I have a test coming up.

Last year we were still thinking about school starting. More specifically, School Registration, or should I say Airport Security in Training. Why? Well, you’ll just have to read that post, but you probably know the answer from experience.

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  1. Hey! Wow this is a pretty kickass blog for highschoolers. Even though I’m a senior I feel like I can use most of this brautiful information. Lol anyway keep up the awesome posts, you’ve got a new reader!!!

  2. kayla lear & alicia collins says:

    For first class a good excuse would be I had car problems
    My car overheated, I’m suppose to get I fixed tonight. Sorry.
    Alicia : sorry I lost my book for class

  3. haha verey helpful excuses

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