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The Best Homework Excuses

The Best Homework Excuses

Since late work credit is not accepted, you can imagine how awful it must be to forget your homework.  Will it kill your grade?  Will the teacher beat you?  Will the government search for you?  Will the colleges know?  Will you lose Facebook friends?  Clearly, it is imperative that you use an excuse.

Some famous excuses include but are not limited to:

  • My dog ate my homework-seriously (note: the seriously establishes newfound credibility for the oldest excuse in the book; everyone has heard it, so clearly ‘seriously’ means that it actually happened).
  • My printer is broken
  • My computer is broken
  • It got rained on
  • I ate something bad and had food poisoning
  • My house burned down
  • I grabbed the wrong days’ binder (on a block schedule)
  • I grabbed a sibling’s backpack
  • My friend stole my stuff

Here are some new, fresh excuses (feel free to print out and keep for those emergencies–and they can probably be applied to the workplace as well):

  • My computer blew up, and my printer was a casualty, causing my house to catch fire and burn down
  • My dog ate my sibling’s backpack with my homework in it
  • My friend stole yesterday’s binder
  • I ate my homework and got food poisoning-seriously
  • It rained, so my homework caught fire

And for the sure-fire, academy award winning excuse for those life-or-death situations, use:

My dog tried to eat my printer, causing my computer to short circuit, meaning the power supply came in contact with the curtains and caused them to catch fire.  Just then, though, a monsoon hit, and my friend floated to safety with my binder.  I also tried to eat my printer, and got food poisoning, which my sibling used as a distraction so they could steal my backpack.

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  1. Haha :) this was really funny. Made me laugh

  2. Thanks, Meghan. I'm really glad that it made you laugh.

    - Phil

  3. Ha ha very funny.

  4. i like it its not so bad!!

  5. oh my god! you are so rude!

  6. hahaha made me laugh

  7. Uum.. not to be rude or anthing, but i got an isolation using one of those excuses.

  8. Yaqoob Khan says:

    This really made me laugh!!

  9. TBertelsen says:

    Good excuses, keep posting, these are halarious! :D

  10. How about: “My brother took it to university”.
    This was used in one of my classes. :)

  11. Some of theses jokes are good howevr some are not your teacher will not belive hafe of these and I’m in year 9 and live in liverpool My school Parklands High School secondary

  12. OMG I Said That I Ate My Homework And She Belived Me !!!!!

  13. What is with you and food poisoning? lol

    • Hmm, good question. Do we use food poisoning a lot? After 150+ posts, we lose track of things. Perhaps it is because food poisoning leaves strong memories.

  14. What a stupid list.

  15. Shut up I love school and you get homework to help u out in later live alright sometimes it had but thats live ok . :) :(

  16. The best homework excuse is
    (Well first always carry your homework in a folder)
    Then you say
    Oh no
    I accidentally bought my sisters folder.
    All u can just say
    It got wet and I left it at home for it to dry

    If you want to wag school
    Here is how you do it.
    Well when your mum drops you off or if you walk well then creep out of school.
    Bring a phone and spear free dress clothes.
    Take some friends or just two friends
    Ten hide at the nearest park or bush.
    Ten get dressed in free dress that you put in your bag
    Then if the office calls your parents well then two or three dates before you wag, you just tell the office that your mum changed her phone number.
    When that new phone number is actually your phone number.
    So when they call your parents they will ,ring your phone then you just say something like your sik
    Then when it is home time you run back to the place where your bags are and put your uniforms back on. See ,nice and simple.

  17. Good point, LillieMay.

  18. Thanks for the advice, Chantelle.

  19. Yeah but if u do it agian you might get caght of u get coght

  20. because my friend done that and she got caght and I get a taxi in the morning and afternoon so i can’t do it can you tell me waht to do

  21. True.

  22. Sis yeah same answer i would say if you guys out there wondering we twins and we look a like and yeah I get a taxi in the morning and afeternoon so yeah can you tell me to :)


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