Beware of the “K” Text

We all know what it is. We have all come across it at one point. It is no more than one letter, but it speaks volumes. Yes, I am talking about the text message which presents you with just one letter: “K”.

I suppose all of us have thought about this certain text message at one point or another. I know that when I tell someone “Hey I’ll be there in five”, I can hardly survive unless whomever I am texting replies with a calming, reassuring “K”. But let’s stop viewing this message with such a concrete mindset. In my experience, “K” could possibly mean much more than we think. Here is one scenario:

You are walking to someone’s house. After alerting this person that you would be there soon, they reply with one letter: “K”. Suddenly, you are thrown into a world of confusion and bewilderment. What could they possibly mean? You just don’t get it…Aha!

He is leaving you a cliffhanger. Sure, he can try to keep you guessing, but you know what comes after the “K”. Using your phenomenal brainpower, you know the message is actually, “Kentucky Fried Chicken will be at my house!” He just left out the “entucky Fried Chicken etc…” blurb. You then begin sprinting towards the house, and with much urgency you break down his front door.

To your horror, there has been a murder! Using a secret blend of herbs and spices, Colonel Sanders is on a killing spree. In fact, your friend must have been texting you “Killer in my house…OMG.”  Though, the rest of text was not finished due to an herb-and-spice-attack. Now, your adrenaline is pumping and you are ready to fight for your life. You can hear Colonel Sanders in the room next to you. You clench your fists and began to move, but you have a sudden epiphany.

When your friend sent you a text that said “K”, he really meant to say “Kidding about this whole murder scenario.” You are greatly relieved. In fact, you are extremely joyous about the situation – I mean, there is no way you could have beat Colonel Sanders in a fight! Suddenly, you are trampled by a herd of kangaroos. In your last second of life, you discover the truth about the text message. Your friend meant to say, “Kangaroos will kill you :) lol…”

This scenario is an everyday experience for thousands of people around the world. In fact, texting the letter “K” is the number one cause of death in Australia (did you really laugh at that joke? I hope not, ‘cause it wasn’t funny). Thus, I urge you kind folks to give responses that are more than one letter. K? But really, I don’t care what you do. To me, the value of life is solely based off people getting run over by packs of kangaroos. And, yeah, I’m gonna end it right here. Don’t even get me started on the “Ha” text.

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  1. Not the K text! ahhh :o

    haha nice post, enjoyed reading it

  2. Thanks lots. Now I know that both Ted and I (or at least Ted) are writing for someone who enjoys our writing.

    If you really enjoy this blog, feel free to share it any way you want (crediting us, of course). We're new at the 'Blog Scene' (as, it appears from your blog, are you) and consequently have very few readers (but six followers, I mean, hey, that's pretty good, right? That's like, 6 more than 0, all hopefully awaiting the next post as eagerly as one who awaiting the return of their pet snail, which has been gone for 31 years, after one mistakenly threw a stick and called, "Fetch!").

    Even if that wasn't funny, you have to admit it had potential to go somewhere.

    -Phil and Ted

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