Beloit College Makes You Feel Old?

I’ve got some exciting news…the humor blogger over at Erik Deckers’ Laughing Stalk, (whose name is, for those of you who are sleep-deprived teens, coincidentally Erik Deckers) has published a guest post Ted and I (Phil) wrote for him as a followup to his post, “Beloit College Makes Me Feel Old“. (Basically, Beloit College publishes a ‘mindset’ list each year of which cultural aspects the freshmen at the college can or can’t relate to-read his post and then our guest post for more info.  Our post is our humorous version of this list).

Essentially, our post is a bunch of words that are funny, following his post, which was the same thing.  So you should definitely read both (or at least one of them).  You can find our guest post here.

And, of course, like all the other guest post announcements, a critic’s view:

“Wow! That’s amazing-wow is spelled the same forwards and backward! And in a upside, it spells ‘mom’! Crazy! Outstanding” [Critic is re-directed, by way of electric shock, to the pre-written script he was supposed to say.] “…And that’s almost as amazing as this new guest post by Ted and Phil, which is…um..[bzzzzap!]…Hilarious!”

Teenagers: We don’t Deserve Our Bad Rep

Tim Jones has put my guest post that I wrote for him up at his blog, under the “Guest Post” section.  Because his audience is mainly adults, I figured I would capitalize on the opportunity to defend the worldwide reputation of teens everywhere, so people will finally realize what perfect little angels we are.  I highly recommend that you check out not only the post (which I think you’ll find funny), but Tim’s humor blog as well.

“Wow! Ridiculous! Phil has really outdone himself this time! If you liked ‘A Tale of Two Cities,’ you’ll find this even funnier!”-The NYT*

*Note: Since I mentioned yodeling nowhere in the the post this time, I, uh, encouraged the NYT to give such a great review.  (Not sure what I’m talking about? Click here).

5 Types of Odd Substitute Teachers

KauaiMark has put a guest post that both Ted and I wrote for him on his blog.  It is a full-length post that can be found here.  You should definitely check it out, because it provides valuable information that could (but probably won’t) help you in some way.  Also, this is the first ever post that was written by both Ted and I.

“A must-read for anyone who metabolizes!  Terrific! Fantastic! Karl Marx, beware, there is a new set of humor writers coming to town.”-The NYT* Book Review.

*Note: NYT stands for National Yodeler’s Times.  Want to know why the Yodelers gave it such a great review? Read the post and find out.