3 Humor Blogger Interviews About High School That You Need to Read

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I (Phil) have brought you a surprise (unless you can read my mind, in which case please tell me what color I am currently thinking of): a set of three concise interviews with other humor bloggers about humor and high school.  (But not humor in high school, as we all know high school is very serious, almost as serious as who wins the Superbowl).

The interviewees are Jenny Lawson from the TheBloggess.com, Amy Vansant from KidFreeLiving.com, and Bryan Allain from BryanAllain.com.  All three are hilarious writers, although sometimes some of their posts are rated higher than PG-13 (in fact, rumor has it that Jenny has published a post rated as high as PG-17½).

1). Can you describe yourself in exactly 27 letters? (If not, why not?)

Jenny: Irreverent misfit.  Bad at math.

Amy: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUÜVWXYZ (some assembly required)*

Bryan: I love laughing, mostly at myself.

2). What were you like in high school?

Jenny: Quiet.  Sort of gothy.  I hid in the art room and read most of the time.

Amy: Insecure and yet sure I was right about absolutely everything.

Bryan: I was puny and really quiet. Not popular or but not unpopular either. Just a quiet little kid who got decent grades, hated homework, and got detention every week in Senior Physics for harassing the teacher.

3). How many humor bloggers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Jenny: Is this a word problem?  Because I already told you I was bad at math.

Amy: Considering one won’t do it unless there is at least HOPE that a few people will praise them for it afterwards, I’d say minimum 5.

Bryan: I’m gonna say 4,815,162,342. And really, there’s nothing funny about how much I miss LOST.

4). If you see a teen driver, you…

Jenny: Feel very old.

Amy: When you’re 14, 25 year-old people look 40. When you’re 40, teens look like they are 10. So, I’m usually wondering how that 10 year old got behind the wheel of a car.

Bryan: Cry because I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since I was a teenager.

5). What was your favorite day of high school?

Jenny: I had an art teacher who understood the importance of being different. One day she made us all go outside and fly paper airplanes for an hour because she felt like it was necessary.  It was.  The principal disagreed. She didn’t back down.  It was awesome.

Amy: Probably when a cute Junior asked me (freshman) out on a date. His mother took us to his soccer game, he immediately broke his wrist and we spent the next two hours in the hospital. Next day, his Senior girlfriend took him back and I never talked to him again. Good times! Then I wrote a book where the evil queen character’s name was an anagram of that Senior girl’s name. Just calling her “Whore Queen” seemed too obvious.

Bryan: The last day of school of course. My second favorite day was the first day of school because everyone wore their best outfit. I’ll never forget some kid named Steven walking into school on the first day of Junior year with a Cal Ripken T-shirt that had Ripken spelled “Ripkin”. It bothered me so much that he would choose that shirt for the first day of school that I still haven’t forgotten about it 15 years later.

6). Do you have any advice for teens in high school today?

Jenny: Enjoy it if you can, but if you hate it just remember that you don’t have to stay anywhere forever.  I can’t even remember the names of the people I
was so terrified of in High School.  Eventually you’ll find your tribe. They’re out there.  Promise.

Amy: The people you think are cooler than you are really just the same as you. Only better looking, richer, smarter and/or more talented. Nothing you can do about it. Genetics are a b****. Get over it and be you.

Bryan: Life is a gift. Enjoy it, but be responsible with it. Don’t play the “I’m young so i can act stupid” card. Own your life and make tough choices if you need to, but be responsible and have fun. Before you know it you’ll be a 35-year old humor blogger writing advice for high schoolers.

If you’d like to see more humor bloggers interviewed, comment or e-mail me.  If you absolutely hate the idea of more humor bloggers being interviewed, comment or e-mail me. And, if you have a random political view you think is worth sharing, comment or e-mail me.  (By the way, the color I was thinking of was yellow-green).

*According to Amy, letters in parentheses don’t count.