In the Spirit of Finals, another Quiz

Those of you who have read this blog since June (or even before that) may know that there used to be quizzes present (but they were ‘lost’ in translation, in terms of code, when we switched to wordpress). Well, in the spirit of finals/midterms (which also allowed me to have enough time to do this, now that they are over), I have fixed the quiz entitled “How Many Hours would you last during High School Finals?” Click the link to take the quiz.

If you like the quiz, or the idea of quizzes, let me know, and you could see a few more in the future. Otherwise, don’t worry, we’ll be back to our regular posting schedule soon.

Quiz: How Many Hours would you last during High School Finals?

FinalsSchool ends in a month, and, like a bad blog post, you want it to end, but there’s that little bit of you that thinks: do you really want it to end? (The answer is yes).  Of course, just like a bad blog post, and Rebecca Black, the more time you spend reading/watching/attending, the worse it gets.  Which means that the last week of school will be full of these little inconveniences known as finals.

They are not as inconvenient as, say, waking up on the wrong side of the bed and breaking your nose because the bed is against a wall, then being carted to a hospital where they inform you that they will need to amputate your nose and that you will walk around looking like Voldemort for the rest of your life (unless, of course, you are somebody famous, in which case many people will rush to amputate their nose), but more inconvenient then, say, getting pushed into a pool while wearing a tuxedo.

I’d like to start off, two paragraphs too late, by telling you why finals are so stressful.  Basically, finals determine your grade, which determines your GPA, which determines what colleges you will apply/get accepted to, which can determine your job opportunities, which determines whether or not you have the free time to blog for the rest of your life.  See? It’s you who are stressing me out, reader.  You can cure this, though.  I’ve noticed that after 10,000 followers or so, the stress significantly decreases.

Either way, I figured that I would show you just how stressful finals are by quizzing you on how many hours you would last before a complete mental breakdown (or worse).

Readers: Same note as last time.  Like quizzes? Don’t like ‘em? Comment (this is only my second quiz, so feedback is welcome).

1. How many hours of sleep do you usually get a night?
10-12 hours
8-10 hours
6-8 hours
4-6 hours
2-4 hours
2. How much do you value grades?
More than sleep
More than my phone
More than Facebook
More than my pet rock
More than anything
3. How well do you perform under pressure? (For reference purposes, let’s say there is a cat caught in a tree that you’re trying to rescue, and, of course, a national news crew is there filming).
Not well-I’d pretend that I actually took the ladder out to fix some loose shingles
Fairly well-I’d probably only break my arm falling off the ladder before I saved the cat
Well enough-I’d save the cat, then fall and break my arm
Very well-I wouldn’t use a ladder, I’d just climb the tree
Supernaturally well-I’d fly up, save the cat, and then transform back into mild-mannered me
4. If you had 1:30 to write an essay, how far would you get?
I might not finish…my last name
Wait, wait, wait, last sentence…
The intro’s done; body paragraphs, here I come!
Now I’ve got time to finally get some sleep
5. Do you ever check your work?
Yes, I scan it quickly.
No, only people like the National Security Advisor, the Supreme Court, or that guy who works at the drive-through (especially him) should check their work.
I double my work time because I check my work frequently.
I know I should, but I’m too busy doing other things…like reading this blog.
6. Your work ethic: let’s say you have a 3-page essay due tomorrow about modern Europe. Which of these best describes you?
It’s already done-I only read this blog after I do my homework.
I’d finish it before dinner.
It’ll get done.
Well, I’m sure I can do it at lunch, I mean, I already know that, like, France, China, and Australia are all in Europe.
I’ll be up late tonight.
7. Reaction to challenges-if life gives you lemons, you:
Don’t swing (and take the strike)-you’re waiting for the curveball instead.
Make lemonade.
Sell them for profit, buy more lemons, repeat that process, and eventually dominate the national economy so that they name a stock market average after you (who was ‘Dow Jones’, anyways?).
Make a gourmet 5-course meal.
Throw them at somebody.
8. How much self-confidence do you have?
I can speak comfortably in front of a crowd.
I smudge my name when I write it so no one will notice if I accidentally misspell it.
I wouldn’t be fazed if I had to sing karaoke in front of a crowd (and the song was by Bieber).
I try to blend in and not be noticed.

Quiz: How Long could You Survive without Gum in High School?

Just a chart with gumYou know what it is. You see it at the store. You need it to survive. What is it? In case, somehow, you haven’t already figured it out, it’s gum. Just how long could you survive without it in high school? Take this quiz, hit submit, and find out.

Readers: this is the first quiz of this blog. Please comment and let me know whether or not you like it, and if you’d like to see more. This is not going to become a quiz-only blog, but a quiz now and then might provide a nice break in-between regular posts.

1. What are your eating habits?
I only eat what I manage to catch with my bare hands in the wilderness.
I eat three meals a day.
I eat five meals a day.
I never stop eating.
Dude, eating is overrated.
2. How does your breath usually smell?
I can’t smell my breath.
I am told that it smells like a garbage dump on a hot August afternoon during a skunk fight.
It doesn’t really matter, because my eating habits keep people away.
I am told that I have “dog breath.”
3. If you saw/smelled someone next to you with gum, what would happen?
I would ignore it.
I would imagine how luscious and refreshing the gum must taste.
I can’t smell; my nose was bitten off by a dog that thought I had stolen its breath.
I would jump up and tear the gum from between their teeth.
4. What is the average sugar % of your blood?
23% (I observe Halloween every day)
12% (I ate kid’s cereal for breakfast this morning)
4% (A cookie a day keeps the doctor away)
0.002% (One of my parents is a dentist)
5. How much do you value physical appearance?
It’s not what’s outside that matters; it’s what’s inside that counts. Unless you are bleeding, in which case your insides are on your outsides and the line gets blurry.
My clothes budget is larger than the federal debt.
Not much. Unless I am leaving the house.
Not at all. People scream when they see me walking down the street.
6. Which would you rather put in your mouth?
A pencil eraser.
Mysterious chemically bonded substances.
Organic fruit.
7. When was the last time you had gum?
Within the last hour.
I’m chewing some right now.
Within the last week.
Within the last month.
August 12th, 2008.