We Will Return…After AP Testing Week is Over

In the meantime, if you really can’t wait and/or will die without another post, I’ll bet there’s a post in the archives you haven’t read.

1 Year of High School Humor Blog

One yearIf you confronted me (Phil) or any teen in person, and said, “Oh, nice; you’ve now been blogging for a full year,” they/I would reply with a shrug, a noncommittal nod, or a very short vocal reply, such as “ye’,” “coo’,” “‘sup yeah,” “dude,” “‘k” or just simply “””. However, since this is a blog, I am allowed to actually acknowledge the fact that I have been blogging for one year.

That’s what this post will be about. If you care nothing about the people/person (Ted’s 5 posts to Phil’s-my-100+) behind this blog, or nothing about the blog behind this content, and only want “MORE BLOG POSTS. NEED FUNNY WRITING. OOH PICTURES. NOW!” then I advise you to check out the archives and click one post you haven’t read at random. (If you’ve already read all 119, now 120, and you are a teen, then you’ve probably already forgotten them and could do with some refreshing anyway).

First, a review of the posts:

Our most popular post was 3 Humor Blogger Interviews About High School That You Need to Read, mostly because of the traffic it received from those I interviewed. Otherwise, it was 100 Tips for the Substitute Teacher, which is also our longest post.

Our least popular post, by visits, was How Teachers Should Introduce Tests, probably because it was published back when the only people who read this blog were the oompah-loompahs, proof-reading their work (or at least that’s what I’ll tell myself, because that’s a much nicer alternative to: “Wow, dude. That post was…blaaarrggghhh [vomits]”).

Overall, High School Humor Blog published 127 posts, according to the WordPress Dashboard.

The comments:

High School Humor Blog received around 300 comments this year, which isn’t bad, overall. That’s 300 more than 0, and infinity times more (I think) than getting i comments.

We’d like to thank our 4 most frequent commenters (I don’t have the time to count the individual comments, but it’s pretty clear):

We’d also like to thank anyone else who took the time to comment. You have no idea how much it means (unless you blog, you REALLY have NO idea. Trust us).

Our most hilarious spam comment was up for grabs until I saw one that was entirely written in Greek, which took the cake. The only English words I could make out were the sort of words you’d only utter in a tavern of drunk ruffians at 1:00 AM, and even then you’d risk that one of them would pull out a bar of soap and shove it in your mouth.


As of this moment, the most readers recorded by Feedburner is 187. Not bad, but not as great as I’d hoped. (I’m a teen, so my realistic goal was to have all literate people reading this blog by the end of the year. I hope that there are more literate in the world than 187, but on the upside, if only 187 people can read, I achieved my goal). Again, I want to thank you all for reading this, unless you are the oompah-loompahs (you should really click through to that link above, so you can understand this joke), in which case: get back to work, please. You’ve got another post due in a few days.

Special Thanks:

There are a few people/blogs whom without his/her/their help this blog would be about as frequently visited as Friendster. Actually, Friendster still has more visitors, but I’ll try not to remember that. These people are:

  • The Bloggess, who not only agreed to be interview (see our most popular post), but then also linked to the post, sending this blog more traffic in one week than it had received in the previous two months.
  • KauaiMark, who was the first blogger to allow us to write a guest post, and is really the reason our blog went from two random visitors a day to a whole ten readers (this was closer to the beginning of the year).
  • You, because you are reading/read this blog. Thank you.

People/Blogs we want to Thank:

While these people have not usually been in direct contact with either Ted nor I, they are still major supporters of our blog. The following blogs/people have linked to our blog without us asking or contacting them (either in a post or blogroll), meaning that our blog is either hacking into their computers and doing this, or our blog is not that bad. I like the idea of the rogue blog, sort of like a modern-day Frankenstein, but nevermind.

These are (I do not endorse any of the content, while I’m sure it’s wonderful, because I don’t have time to read everything ever written on these blogs, and I don’t want to get sued. But you should definitely check them all out, in thanks if for nothing else. They are part of the reason we have not thrown our computers against the wall after one year):

I am positive I missed at least one website that should be on that list, so if I missed yours and you’ve linked to this blog before (not after) this post was published, then send me an email and I’ll add you to the list.


Other stuff you might find interesting, or useless (in which case you can still read it, just consider it procrastination of actually doing something interesting):

  • This blog switched from Blogger to WordPress in the summer. It was head-ache inducing, but it was well worth it.
  • Our average posting schedule has become one post every 3-4 days.
  • The African Eagle can come to a complete halt in twenty feet after flying at a speed over a hundred miles an hour (bet you can’t remember which post that’s from).

I’m planning on making a few minor additions/changes to the current blog, which you’ll hear about more soon. Thank you for supporting this blog (unless you don’t support this blog, and are being forced to read this by the KGB for some unknown reason. In which case, thank you for at least reading this blog).

Ebook Launch!

Humor EbookIt’s here! High School Humor Blog’s first ever ebook is now available! And, best of all, it’s free.

Go To Ebook Page

All you have to do to get this ebook is subscribe by e-mail.  Then, follow the directions in the confirmation e-mail you get.  If you are already subscribed by e-mail, then look for an e-mail from me (Phil) with your ebook download link later today (if you can’t wait, you can re-subscribe to get the confirmation e-mail with the ebook download instructions).  (IMPORTANT: If you have subscribed by e-mail but are “unverified”, meaning you haven’t clicked your confirmation link, check your spam box or re-subscribe for a new confirmation e-mail).

I highly recommend you check out our ebook page, because it will explain things in more detail, tell you more about the ebook, and may make you laugh (if you read the whole page).

As an added bonus, we’ve even included a surprise at the end of the ebook-if you want to find out what it is, you’ll have to get the ebook, of course.

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to e-mail me.

The Switch from Blogger to WordPress

As you’ve probably noticed, I have switched “The Ups, Downs, and Double-Dip Recessions of High School Life” over to WordPress (also, just before I posted this, I put up a new post, so check that out if you didn’t see it).  I did this for a number of reasons, mostly because WordPress has a ton more features.  The switch wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.  If you are considering switching your blogger blog over and want some advice, send me an e-mail and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Anyways, more about the new features.  I’m now displaying my feed count in the upper-right hand corner.  I’ve got a new color scheme, and, with it, a new button down at the bottom of each post page. I’ve still got you as a follower (if you are following), and the RSS feed should have been switched over for those of you already subscribing.  I also had some plastic surgery done, but that’s private (just kidding).

Lastly, I created a couple new pages that you should check out.  And, of course, lots of little, amusing new content blurbs thrown in.  I already know of one technical error that needs fixing (if you look at posts by category you see two images of the same), and if you see any other errors, please let me know.

Most importantly, if you see anything so awful that it annoys you beyond belief, feel free to send yourself an e-mail venting your anger.