Trick-Or-Treat: My Candy For Your Halloween Enjoyment

“Eye”-candy, that is.  But overlook that poor pun and look below: you’ll see a video.

Yep, that’s right, you are looking at High School Humor Blog’s first ever video.  I figured that I (Phil) would try creating an XtraNormal video for the fun of it, and they had a promotional deal for Halloween (free Halloween characters and sets).

So, I give you “How Important Halloween Candy is to Kids,” about a kid’s total obsession for candy to the point where he ignores greater problems. It’s a way for you, as a teen, to remember how easy your life was when all you worried about was whether your candy was king-size or fun-size.  (That was a fairly bad explanation, actually.  It’s just a funny video about Halloween that I thought you would enjoy, so I tied it into the ‘teen’ perspective in order to justify putting it on this blog.)

Enjoy.  If you liked this video, or the idea of High School Humor Blog creating more videos, please comment or share it.  Otherwise, if you don’t like it, and nobody else does either, don’t worry; this won’t become a common thing. 

How Important Halloween Candy is to Kids

(Update: I just realized those of you using a feed reader can’t see the video, so here’s a link to the post).