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As a fair warning to advertisers, I’d better mention that:

  • I have trouble spelling “ad,” and no idea how to spell “adervtizment.”
  • My readers don’t have much use for most generic-type ads.
  • In some cases, I probably couldn’t resist making fun of the product I was advertising, leading to fewer click throughs.

With that said, though, this does not mean you don’t have a valid product or service.  If you want to advertise on this blog, contact us with what you would advertise and how you want to advertise it.  We’ll review your email and get back to you. (Specific stats available upon request; we get thousands of monthly pageviews and obviously have a fairly specific audience).

Current advertising options include a link/picture ad in the sidebar, a sponsored post (where your product/service/company is mentioned at the bottom of a post, so it reaches not only those on the site but those using feed readers and email subscription services as well), or any other idea you might have.

Contact us.


  1. Hey! How do I get your email so that I can contact you?

  2. My name is Tammy and I represent the company Private Tutor.

    We have produced a complete 20-hour online video course to prepare students for the SAT. Our critically acclaimed series offers the benefits of individually paced one-on-one instruction and achieve the results of private tutoring at a fraction of the cost.

    We would like to offer your visitors the opportunity to begin using our learning system instantly while providing you with a new revenue stream to your site.

    You would simply host a page (which we would provide) on your site, where your visitors could purchase and own our learning program for viewing on all computers and mobile devices. Your visitors will never leave your site before, during or after getting our course.

    You would receive 25% of all revenue generated from sales originating from your site with no cost to you. Revenues are deposited monthly to your paypal account. You will have your own dashboard to monitor complete details of every transaction.

    Please visit our site:

    The series is written and hosted by Amy Lucas, who graduated Summa Cum Laude from UCLA and has over 15 years of experience as a master tutor for hundreds of students. Our learning system covers all aspects of the SAT Math, Writing and Critical reading sections with 3 books and 20-hour video course, now available for instant streaming and downloading.

    I’m looking forward to your response.

    Best regards,

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