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The Bonus CoverWhat’s this?

This bonus content is an extra section to our ebook, “50 Essential Skills Every Teen Must have.”

“10 Skills for Coping With Embarrassing Family Members (For Teens),” is an additional booklet of 10 skills.

Inside it you’ll find more hilarious content, 2,000 words in length, complemented by 4 more original pictures.  Oh, yeah, and it’s got our names on it (which makes it a million times better).

To get this content, all you need to do is click the light blue button above that says “Share to Get.”  Upon clicking that button, you will either post a message to Facebook or Twitter that recommends our ebook, and then get the download link for this bonus content.  (If you didn’t think our ebook was worth recommending, then you shouldn’t care about getting this bonus content).

The exact message of the Facebook share/Tweet is: “Just read the e-book by Phil and Ted of High School Humor Blog-hilarious.  Highly recommend it. http://bit.ly/qcaA2U.” (The bit.ly is a short link that redirects to our ebook page).

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