Is it A) Choice A, or B) Choice A?

While I know most teens have to take multiple choice tests, how many of you more mature readers have to fill out performance reviews or something along those lines?  What if you were given the following question:

My boss is:

A)   A sadistic Chihuahua who is consistently draining what little soul I have left

B)   A wolf in sheep’s clothing who only beats us when the clients aren’t around

C)   A nice guy who probably won’t last long

D)   All of the above

E)    A and C only

It limits your freedom of expression quite a bit.  At high school, we love multiple choice tests, because for those of us who stayed up until three in the morning trying to level up in our violent, bloody video game of choice, they give us a 20-25% chance of getting everything we don’t know correct.

The teachers have tricks, though.  For math, for instance, one choice might be ‘none of the above’, forcing you to actually know the material to make an educated guess.  Other choices I may have seen, but I could also have been hallucinating at the time, include:

A)   My arm spontaneously combusted and I don’t know the answer

B)   A is correct

C)   A rare form of coral, vitally important to ocean ecosystems, that is burned to create ‘green’ energy

D)   My IQ

E)    –T, phone home

You get the idea.  Also, teachers limit our freedom of speech.  Once I was presented with the question:

This class is:

A)   Awesome

And there were no other choices.  In a perfect society, the question would have been: This class is:

A)   Awesome

B)   Stress-inducing

C)   Guaranteed to prepare you for that one job interviewer who asks “What is ATP, and how can you utilize it to provide better customer service?”

D)   Almost over

E)    Good, because it provides me with enough paper to burn to keep my house warm in winter

See?  Much more personal expression is allowed.  Multiple-choice forms are just another way of slowly limiting our personal freedom and brainwashing us to think that we will always have a choice in life.

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