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New Here?

New Here?

For those who have just arrived at High School Humor Blog (hover over bits below for relevant links)…
This is an image explaining everything

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  1. Rosalind (16) says:

    OMD you and your brother are soooo funny ;)

  2. a homework accuse
    i got distracted by a interesting subject called the memories

    • Pierce Nightingale says:

      If you don’t get your homework done, try telling your teachers that you got it done, but you fell asleep and forgot to put it in your bag and you were in a hurry that morning. Then you’ll have an extra day. Just don’t make a habit of it

  3. hmm….this seems interesting.

  4. I recently started my freshman year, and high school is so scary…I’m like a gnome in halls filled with seniors….any tips on how to stay calm?

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  6. I don’t know if your blog is still active but I enjoyed reading some of the stuff you’ve got on here! If you ever wanted to have a read of my blog, you can find it here: https://happilyamberafter.com
    There are some ‘funny’ bits, but really it’s more a webserial told through the eyes of a teen ;)

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