4 Brilliant Ways to Find the Perfect Senior Quote

Funny Yearbook Senior Quote

High School Humor Blog is looking for writers! If you’re new, check out the ” New Here?” page. If you like what you read, consider subscribing by emailYearbooks are terrific. In them, you can find embarrassing pictures of friends, embarrassing pictures of enemies, embarrassing pictures of people you’ve never met, and embarrassing pictures of people […]

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3 iOS/iPhone Features We Need

Funny iphone

The launches of iOS 7, the iPhone 5S (S meaning, “This should have been the iPhone Six”), and the iPhone 5C (C meaning, “Could we call this one the iPhone 6?”) have dominated the tech news for the last week. In fact, they are quite literally the only stories in the tech news; headlines range […]

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5 Hilariously Ridiculous Standardized Test Questions

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Full disclosure: None of these questions are from actual standardized tests (SATs, ACTs, PSATs, PACTs, SPACTs, etc.) as sharing test questions from administered and unreleased tests is punishable by a fine of $250,000 and a six-month minimum sentence in Guantanamo Bay. Thus, all the questions that appear below are instead from published test-prep books sold […]

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Wisdom Teeth are Not Your Friend

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Thankfully, I am. Which is why I bring you a rant that’s certain to cheer up any post-surgery teen. (Warning: Laughing soon after wisdom teeth surgery is painful, and could lead to dry sockets. As I understand them, dry sockets are pretty much worse than the surgery. Luckily I avoided them—using one easy tip discovered […]

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