Creating A Better AP Test (Part 2): the Proctor’s Dialogue

High School Humor Blog is looking for writers! If you’re new, check out the ” New Here?” page. If you like what you read, consider subscribing by emailThis is part two of our brief set of posts on how the AP test system could be improved. If you haven’t read the first part yet (about […]

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Creating a Better AP Test


Okay, ladies and gentle-teens*, it’s no secret that we haven’t posted for most of May. Those of you who’ve followed this blog since it was conceived way back in 2011 know that’s fairly unusual. *Legal disclaimer: there is no such thing as a gentle male teen. Never stick your fingers through the bars at a […]

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4 Ways to Stay Awake in Class

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“Similarly to the amplitude of sinusoidal wave, the obtuse transmutation of the radius/diameter ration is…” And, boom. You’re asleep. It’s a common occurrence. Depending on the teacher, anywhere from 1 to 90 students may fall asleep in any one class. (No, classes don’t have more than 30 or so students in them, but, depending on […]

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8 Twitter Hashtags that You Should Be Using

Funny Twitter Hashtags

If there’s one thing that seems like it was invented specifically for teens—aside from driving, texting, and gum—it’d have to be the twitter hashtag. Who else would want to randomly incorporate otherwise irrelevant phrases into messages? Aside from Shakespeare, who’s dead, only teens would want to, of course. (For those of you that still think […]

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