Post Hall of Fame

The funniest posts, in no particular order, as chosen by us (to see what our readers like, check out our popular posts in our sidebar, and to see only posts with multiple pictures, check out our illustrated category):

  • 6 Awesome Ways to Wear Your Backpack: If you want to develop a unique personal style that’s not all that unique, you should read this post. What does how you wear your backpack say about you?
  • Lockers are Not Your Friend: Even if you’re schizophrenic, I promise you, lockers will never be your friend (illustrated, with multiple pictures).
  • Future Career Options: What do I want to be when I grow up? I know what I’m going to avoid (illustrated with multiple pictures).

Have a favorite post and don’t see it? Nominate it in the comments! Don’t think a post should be in the hall of fame? Comment.

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