A Practice “Safe Driving” Test

How many of you could still pass the driving quiz today?  Want to find out? Of course you do.  Having just taken it myself, and passing, I have compiled a sample driving quiz for you readers.  Be warned: I am now allowed to drive with a responsible adult in the vehicle (Draw conclusions of how I might drive based on this piece of writing).

The most common cause of a crash with a construction worker is:

A)   Anger towards the color orange

B)   An attempt to skew the ‘most common cause’ statistic by reversing over the worker while texting with your eyes closed

C)   The construction worker getting too involved in Doodlejump

D)   Movie stunts

If you see this sign, you should:Truck Sign

A)   Beware of triangles that may randomly pop out of the road.

B)   Avoid using your brakes and coast down the hill

C)   Look for a sign with a truck on top of a square for a bingo

D)   Use the Pythagorean theorem to calculate the likelihood of a truck crashing into you

When turning left, always remember to:

A)   Notify close friends that you have turned liberal

B)   Look up to avoid low-flying helicopters

C)   Take a short nap to refresh yourself

D)   Hit the stop sign for a bonus of 600 XP

The Gas pedal is one of two pedals found in every car, the other is:

A)   The ejection pedal

B)   The bike pedal

C)   The nitro-nuclear-fuel-boost pedal

D)   All of the above

E)    Other

Well, the correct answers will not be given, because I risk angering at least a few readers with them.  However, I would suggest you study (and I’m sure an acceptable form of studying is reading this blog).

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