The Story of the Works Cited Page

Works Cited ExampleIf there’s anything teachers love, it’s apples!  How do you think that classic stereotype got started?  But, seriously, teachers also love citations.  They complement an apple’s flavor nicely.  Or is that peanut butter?  Whatever (this joke didn’t really work).

However, full, complete citations are overkill.  Does it really matter whether I accessed a website on June 30 or June 31?  OF COURSE IT DOES!  After all, there is no June 31.  Regardless, though, it seems as if we need to give too much information about each and every one of our sources.  I mean, Publisher/Sponsor?  Clearly, there must be some reason that a teacher wants of all this information, and I think I have figured it out.

Once upon a time, in a dark and stormy night far, far away, there was a fact.  This fact’s name was Bob.  In the middle of this storm, there was a teacher who asked for a citation when the student used Bob in an essay.  So, because citations hadn’t been fully developed yet (once upon a time, life was better), the student used: (Bob).

But wait! The teacher became angry!  It turns out the student had spelled Bob’s name backwards! To compensate for this mistake, the teacher asked for the page number as well.  Since this was a land far, far away, Bob had no page number, so he gave his social security number.  At first, this helped the teacher to identify Bob.

This did not last long, though.  Soon, the almost-fact, named Wiki Pedia, stole Bob’s social security number and impersonated him.  This meant that the teacher now also needed Bob’s place of origin (where he was published).  Bob thought on it for a while, and then, because he was worried Wiki Pedia would steal his house as well, he lied and said, “New York, New York.”  Bob figured there were enough people in New York, NY, that his claim could never be verified (it wasn’t, and that is still a major birthplace for facts today).

More trouble soon arose, because this land far, far away began to install citizenship measures.  To prove he was a citizen, Bob had to give lots of other information, such as his place of employment and year of birth.  After giving these things as well, Bob was left alone until he peacefully died at the hands of a corrupt corporate scientist doing unbiased research in areas that concerned Bob.  I stole the rights to his life story from this scientist, who was too busy winning a Nobel Prize to notice.

There is the metaphorical story of Bob, the first citation.  Any similarities to real people, places, events, or other things are truly coincidental and do not express the views of this blog as a whole, only at this moment in the vast history of the earth.  So, what can be learned? The publishing location is usually NY, NY.  The date accessed is never June 31.  Most importantly, though, remember to never eat apples and citations.

Note to readers: I apologize for not posting too recently.  This is due to the fact that I have a massive, monstrous post in the works that will be illustrated and is currently over 4,000 words at the halfway point.  Hopefully, you will see this post in a week or two, God willing.

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