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Suggest a Post

A light bulb. What else?If you are visiting this page, you are a) completely lost or b) think you’ve got some great idea for a post on this blog. For you ‘lost’ people, I’m honored that you chose my blog, of all places, to get lost on. (If you are lost and looking for the page about advertising, there it is).

Anyway, if you’ve read this far, you’d probably like some more information. Either that or you are a compulsive reader and have orders from your doctor to stay away from potentially deadly experiences like “The Complete Shakespeare,” “War and Peace,” or “Green Eggs and Ham.” Not that “Green Eggs and Ham” is incredibly long, but compulsive readers get sucked in and have to read it over and over and over. It’s just that profound.

Seriously, though, here’s what this page is about. In the course of writing 2-3 posts a week over 1.5 years, I’ve slowly been exhausting the obvious topics for posts. That’s not to say I’m planning on stopping this blog anytime soon, but rather that you, as a teen/adult who was once a teen/child who will become a teen/other life form that can operate a computer, probably have a brilliant slew of ideas for posts I could write for this blog.

Therefore, here are some guidelines/rules, because without those teens would have to find physical objects to break instead:

  • Send only a blog post idea/topic, with a possible title or very very very (very) brief outline (very brief)
  • Do not assume just submitting your idea guarantees that I will write about it
  • Do not expect credit in the form of a link to your website if I write about your idea
  • Do expect that I will mention your name at the bottom of the post, thanking you for contributing your idea
  • Understand that this is a voluntary submission and thus you forfeit most of your rights to your post idea as well as forfeiting your vital organs*

*Okay, you can keep your organs. I just threw the organ part in to avoid future legal trouble. And I define legal trouble as “anything that means you have to deal with a lawyer,” because most lawyers are trouble.


  1. There is a girl named Jessica Zicker that lives in Texas, I know it sounds boring at first but listen. She recently took an I.Q test and scored 168. Then scored a 36 on he first ever ACT test, She is homeschooled but has mentioned she had photo-graphic memory. If you dare, write a blog on her.

  2. The Man Who Raped Duck Was Penalized
    In accordance with the police report the animal was assaulted by human

    The 43 year-old Oleg Lazanovitch was detained at Manisa, Turkey at March, 12, daily Habertürk reported.

    Police forces detained the man following complaints from his mother-in-law, who claimed he had raped one of her ducks during an overnight stay in her house. The man’s mother-in-law showed some evidence of the crime. There were feathers in man’s bed and blood on his shirt next morning.

    In the interview, mother-in-low said that the duck was found to have suffered deformation and damage to its intestines and underwent several operations. It is now reportedly in good condition and remains in a veterinarian’s care.

    The suspect denied the charges, he also said that his mother-in-low was always insane and such charges confirms that.

    However, according to the medical examination the duck was assaulted by human. Oleg Lazanovitch was penalized for 437 TLY.

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