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Author Profile: Phil

Author Profile: Phil

Update: You can find my real name unveiled here.
A picture of meNo, that’s not my real name (what self-respecting teenager goes by Phil?  If you do, though, forget I said that); I simply chose a one-syllable name to match the name of ‘Ted’ (yes, even though he blogs less often, I am incapable of making any decisions for myself).  I guess “Phil and Ted” write this blog, even though that sounds like a bad comedy show from who knows when.

I suppose, copying Ted’s format, I ought to give reasons for choosing Phil:


  • Firstly, it is short, and therefore you could shout anything ending with an ‘L’ at me and I would think you were calling my name, including: krill, you-make-me-ill, and you’re-less-believable-than-the-new-bipartisan-bill.
  • It is not my real name, nor is it Spanish numbers (tres-cuatro was my runner-up).
  • It is pronounceable, and therefore better than the choice of Blagojevich (who is his PR person, anyway? Remind me not to hire them).

So, guess that sums it up pretty well (my name is Phil).  A couple things will help you keep me straight from Ted:

  • I will post more often.
  • I will more frequently write for the blog.
  • I will also drive my enslaved oompah-loompahs to write for this blog more often than Ted will force his captured munchkins to churn out posts.
  • Other differences can be discovered by actually reading the blog.

I feel as if, after writing the ‘about’ post, you know lots about me, so I must go write my next post, because my oompah-loompahs are on maternity leave.


  1. Do you have any videos?

  2. Are you guys ACTUALLY in high school? That’s awesome. I’m a freshman. Ha. You guys use big words, honestly… haha. “Freshman are so dumb” Please don’t tell me you think that haha. And if you guys are freshman, which for some reason I really doubt, then I… I would be the happiest girl on the planet. :P

    • Yes, we are ACTUALLY in high school. Although, personally, when I introduce myself, I don’t go up and say, “Hello, I AM A high schooler;” I usually just say, “Hello I am…mumblereallyfast.”

      We were Freshmen when we started this blog last year, in February 2011; right now, we’re both sophomores.

  3. Hi, I’m one of the three bloggers at thehighschoolrulebook.weebly.com we started blogging in the middle of 8th grade and are starting high school this year! We would love if you could maybe do a blog about us, just to get us out there or maybe just mention us? It would be fantastic! We would love any advise you have for us too! Thanks so much!
    -The Un-Noticed

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