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An obvious pun. But possibly still funny.High School Humor Blog is now on Facebook. You should check out the High School Humor Blog Facebook Page, because we added yet another completely original “About” page (and when I say original, I mean funny).

Also, please feel free to ‘like’ us. There are many benefits of ‘liking’ us, although I have yet to come up with any real benefits, so I’ll make some up:

  • It will take up time. For instance, if you have to go do chores eventually, consider ‘liking’ us part of your procrastination.
  • It will show how awesome you are.
  • Your profile picture might appear in the box in the sidebar.
  • Etc.

(We’ve added the Facebook box to the sidebar, so if you’d rather stay on the blog you can just click the ‘like’ button there).

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