Why Beat the Heat? Some Cool Activities

Funny Picture of Beating the HeatRecently, or semi-recently, or – hey, wait a minute, how can something be semi-recent? It’s either recent or it isn’t, duh – anyways, there was a heat wave sometime in the past that hit a large part of the East Coast. And, in an effort to stay topical for the rest of you not on the east coast, it is also hotter in the summer than it is in, say, an industrial freezer.

That’s natural, though, right? One of the nice things about summer is that the weather is usually better. Usually. Save the flash floods in Russia. But Russia is backwards, so it’s probably more like winter there anyway.

Heat is great. It allows you to go swimming without getting too cold, eat popsicles without getting too cold, and nail friends with water balloons without them getting too mad. Or, if they want to get really mad, at least it keeps them from getting too cold.

But these days, you see all sorts of articles and newscasts that are titled things like “10 Ways to Beat the Heat,” “Beating the Heat,” and “Beat that Heat! Take it Outside, Grab Your Rug Beater, and Whack the Living Daylights out of That Heat!”

Why does this happen? I have no idea. It can’t be because ‘beat’ and ‘heat’ rhyme. You don’t see a lot of articles entitled, “Why You Should Be Spittin’ at the Kitten,” or “Take Charge of Your Finance Barge!”

It must be because people don’t like the heat, then. But as a teen, what’s not to like?

The Outdoor Activities

The heat opens up a wealth of new options that might never have occurred to you.

For instance, street cooking. I’m sure you’ve at least heard of this. Take some aluminum foil and cold food (like a frozen pizza, or some leftover pizza, or possible even some homemade pizza) and find a patch of hot asphalt in a street. Then, here comes the really great almost-like-science part where the magic happens. Take the cold food and build a structure of it up around the aluminum foil roll. Eventually, your aluminum foil will become hot enough to eat! For flavor, consider leaving out the aluminum foil until it is run over by a car.

Another thing you can do when it is really hot outside is to watch ice melt. Take some ice and put it on some hot asphalt. It will melt. The cool thing is, not only does the ice totally disappear, it also leaves a puddle of water behind! Even though you didn’t have any water to begin with! And you thought that the street cooking was magic.

The Indoor Activities

Inside, it is more than likely you have at least one fan out and running. All you need to do is pick up this fan and hold it horizontally above your head, like a helicopter propeller. Then, just wait until you lift off of the ground.

Like a helicopter, though, you can’t steer. That’s why in the movies it’s always the helicopter that crashes. While the best helicopter pilots have learned to maneuver by adjusting their weight by throwing passengers out the door, you don’t have that option. That’s why this is an indoor activity; you can’t possible get high enough to have a lethal crash.

There are other great things you can do indoors as well. For example, you can make a game out of mopping up your melted plants, pets, and family members. You can watch the weather report and notice how much smaller they make the font when the temperature reaches 3, 4, or 5 digits. Best of all, you can go on the computer and read this blog, or your other favorite blogs. But candidly speaking (I mean, I’m not trying to be catty or anything), I’m sure that they aren’t as good as this blog.

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, there are many awesome opportunities that the heat affords. Besides, wait until winter. Then, it’ll be time to for “10 Ways to Scold the Cold.”

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